Helping Rural Businesses Make Their Next Digital Move with Confidence.

Welcome to my digital playground! Here at forgan Solutions, I’m all about helping businesses across Scotland take that next digital leap with absolute confidence. With my wannabe rockstar business energy and world-renowned partners by my side, you can kick back and relax knowing I’ve got everything covered.

About Us
Why Choose Us.

Choosing a website designer or marketing agency can be challenging, espeically in rural communties. This is why I set out to be diffrent and totally better than anyone else!

Our Story

supporting a young entrepreneur.

Our vision

modern, relaible and fast.

Our work

simply work class.

Our future

sustinable, bigger and better

About Us
About Us.

Well hello, I’m Kyle Munro, the brains behind forgan Solutions. Since 2022, I’ve been on a journey of growth and innovation. My mission? Helping businesses thrive in the digital world.

Based in Aberfeldy, Scotland, I’m revolutionising sectors like hospitality, travel, aviation, finance, e-commerce, and more. Let me turn your dreams into digital reality.