Award Winner! Most Influential CEO of 2024 for Central Scotland.

What a start to 2024! I was so pleased to have been announced the Most Infulenctial CEO of 2024 for Central Scotland. 

I’m absolutely buzzing to have snagged the title of Most Influential CEO of 2024 for Central Scotland! It’s like winning the ultimate game of business Monopoly! This award isn’t just a pat on the back; it’s a high-five from the universe, confirming that all the hustle, dedication, and, let’s be real, a fair share of G&T’s, have been totally worth it.

Big shoutout to my amazing clients and prospects – you guys are the real MVPs! I’m stoked to keep the party going and team up with even more awesome folks in the years ahead. Let’s turn the business world into our own Virgin Group-style adventure – fun, innovative, and totally kickass!

The Award

This award was presented by CEO Monthly, a publication run by AI Global Media. I was approached in February 2024 to accept the award, and naturally, it was a resounding YES!

Future Contribution

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve scored an award that’s like winning the Golden Ticket to my personal Wonka Factory of giving back! This recognition isn’t just a trophy on the shelf; it’s a spark that’s reignited my passion for community service, especially right here in our local neighbourhood.

As the lucky recipient of this award, I’m all in on teaming up with initiatives that make our community shine brighter. From rolling up my sleeves at my old stomping ground, Breadalbane Academy, to lending a helping hand to various local charities – I’m on a mission to spread joy and positivity wherever I can.

This journey is like embarking on a thrilling adventure, filled with endless possibilities to make a real, tangible difference in people’s lives. And you better believe I’m strapped in, ready for the ride of a lifetime! Let’s buckle up and make some magic happen together – because the best is yet to come!